Q & A

Short Introduction.

I’m Georgina Tai, born in March, 1995. Having two siblings and I am the eldest. I have awesome grandparents who love me to the bit and always providing me everything I need. They take care of me as if they gave birth to me. In addition, they brought me up since I was 2 or 3-month-old. Their unconditional love makes me the most luckiest and grateful girl.

What are your stats?

About 163cm, always stuck between 45-47kg (definitely is underweight lol).

Do you makeup?

I do but only during special and grand occasion. I love to wear makeup but I am lazy to do it on my own and lazy to remove them after home. Even if I do makeup, I’ll only put on the most basic eyeliner, mascara and lip balm. Keeping everything easy and simple.

Do you think you are a fashionable person?

Yes, I am, in my own way. My kind of fashion is quite economic. I hardly buy expensive outfits ’cause I think it is unnecessary. Expensive as in RM200 and above for a piece of outfit. I think that is the reason my friends always consult me. Teehee. You can have your own fashion too! Don’t blindly follow others. 😉

Are you studying or working? Where?

I am currently studying accounting in Xiamen University, Malaysia Campus.

How often do you update your blogs?

It depends, as you can see that I do not update regularly. I will update The Midnight Tea more frequent as it’s more about personal posts.

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