Ginger Tea (Relationships)

Love Yourself FIRST

First of all, love yourself.

Popular questions my friends frequently asked me:

  1. How to attract somebody I am interested in?
  2. What are the personalities of an ideal girl/boyfriend?
  3. How to change myself to become her ideal type?

Hey, ladies and gentlemen, you do not need to make huge changes for anybody(including your partner) as long as it does not harm others. If somebody suggests you to make some changes and the changes can increase your value, you can definitely go for it, with the condition that you would not lost yourself (not physically but your unique identity).

No matter you are single or in a relationship right now, all you should always do is….

U P G R A D E . Y O U R S E L F .

  1. Do your best to earn the highest achievement in everything you do. If you are a student, study smart and get into the president list, be one of the distinction students. You do not need to get jealous of others when you see couples everywhere in your campus. When you did not get involved in any girl/boy relationship, you definitely would not have relationship problems that keep you awake at night, or insomnia, when serious.
  2. Fill your free time with hobbies. Drawing, dancing, playing musical instruments, anything that can increase your creativity.
  3. Take part in social activities. This does not only help those who are in needs but also meeting people with different backgrounds. Get your ass out of the chair and increase your social circle 😉


Be optimistic

Be confident

Be outgoing

Be you!


Ginger Tea (Relationships)

Be A Great EX


No one hopes to be anyone’s EX, however when your future plan doesn’t have your lover’s existence, I believe it is about time for both of you to end the relationship.

The main goal to be in a relationship is getting married. Neither for fun or for gaining experiences.

[You were the one who had been requested to break up]

It’s meaningless for two persons to continue being together if love does not exist. What would appear in your mind after breaking up? Chasing him/her back? Chat with her like nothing happened?

Hehey, ladies and gentlemen, please be wise and nice. There are few tips in being a nice EX.

  1. Respect  

If you wish to keep in touch with her and want to be her friend, respecting her is one of the important things you must do. Respect her decision(especially, of breaking up with you). You might still loving her at the moment she requested to break up, but I am here to encourage you to accept the fact first. She might have already mentally and physically prepared to leave you. She would feel surprised and definitely would appreciate your understanding if you replied her “Okay. I respect your decision and I hope you made the right choice for our relationship” instead of “Why the hell do you want to break up with me? You must be loving the other guy!”.

If she loves you, she would come back after a time, if she does not, you should not have bother about her. What is yours is yours, although you may lost it for a period of time, it will come back and stay forever by your side. Believe God that He will arrange the best and most suitable person for you.

      2. Never expect her to tell you everything

You are no longer her boyfriend, there is no reason for her to do that. You did not appreciate it when she shared every story when you guys were still in love, so please do not expect she will do the same thing to you after breaking up. You are just one of her normal friends (or even only a  Hi-Bye friend) right now, one does not simple share her life with a Hi-Bye friend. Bros, you need time for yourself, to calm down, to think wisely.

      3. Do not try to access any social account of hers

It is not only creepy and disgusting to access her social account after breaking up but also disrespectful. She might forgot to log out her social account on your phone, however this does not mean that you have the right to access it. As a gentleman, you should not do that. You need to respect her and also yourself! Where’s your moral value, bro?

     4. It’s time for you to love yourself more

Trying your best not to care about her. Wanna keep yourself busy? Get new hobbies and exercise *wink* Sweating can let you feel happier and increase the positiveness containing in your body. Upgrade yourself to increase your value.

It is not embarrassing to break up and do not let ‘breaking up’ this news hurt you in any way. Chill and be a nice and intelligent EX.

Ginger Tea (Relationships)


“Lady needs a man, not a boy.”

She needs the sense of security

She needs you a mature male

She needs your attention

She needs your care

She needs priority

She loves it when you touch her silky hair for no reason

She loves –> you holding her hand in the public

She loves your handmade cards

She loves random surprises

She loves flowers

She misses all the moments both of you having together

She misses listening to your rhythmic heartbeat

She misses your signature fragrance

She misses you being in your arms

She misses you lying next to her


Ginger Tea (Relationships)

Christmas Gift Ideas

There are 24 more days to 2014 Christmas Eve. I believe everyone is getting ready to prepare some lovely gifts for your loves one. Do you always feel panic in choosing a suitable gift for the one you care? So here is some suggestion from me 😉

First and foremost, you must or roughly know what your gift receiver is interested in. This is very important because you are giving him something useful and meaningful.

-Sporty: Water bottleRunning shortsRunning TeeSweat Towels, …

Aren’t my suggestions useful to them? Sporty people sweat (a lot), they need sweat towels to wipe the sweat and drink more water to rehydrate their body water needs. It’s cheaper comparing to buying running tee or shorts. If your budget for their gift is high, then no harm to buy their favourite brand running tee or pants with their favourite colour.

-Perfume & makeup lover: L’OCCITANE Fragrance, Shower Gel and body lotion, body scrub, simple makeup set, …

Usually, people do not love over-strong perfumes ’cause it may spoil the entire smell as well as the mood who wears the perfume. Be greatly careful when you are choosing perfume. In addition, choosing the bottle of a perfume is another considerable point.

Not only shower gel and lotion, you can think of giving body scrub. Body srub helps to remove all the dead skin off the body and expose a supple layer of younger skin. Besides that, after using body scrub, you will definitely feel fesh and rejuvenated! Check on the benefits of using body srub by clicking the link.

Some girls love to make up but never underestimate that guys won’t like it! Guys hardly wear eyelines or mascara but they wear BBcream (Blemish Balm Cream). It’s normal, they are not either gay or being girly.

If you don’t know what type of person your gift receiver is, then pay more attention to what she is talking cos for sure she will tell what she hopes to have in her conversation. I am here to encourage you to buy something that can be use instead of food 🙂

Chocolate with beautiful box that she can keep after finishing the chocolate or you can design the chocolate box!

No one can resist the cuteness of a teddy, including guys! There’s a knowledge of choosing teddy. It’s a test in choosing teddy bear, make sure you pass the test.

A bouquest of nice wrapped fragrance flower — something that girls which to receive from her boy.

Giving an outfit to your close one crazy for. You gonna surprise her or even more surprise when you get the right size.

Necktie or belt and wallet are awesomely placed in a creative gift box. It will be a little surprise for him when he opens the box cos it is a special box!

Baking cookies or cake for your loves one! It means a lot by baking cookies yourself instead of buying cookies in a market.

 A handmade card by you yourself, provided that you love to make cards or even craft and the receive will appreciate your masterpiece & keep it forever.

In short, I believe your gift receiver(s) will appreciate whatever you prepare and buy for them.

Good luck!

November is ending within 12 hours and I am here feeling excited about Christmas cos it’s time to give and receive presents to and from my loves one. When stress attacts me and try to make me collapse, I feel more relax and calm. That’s reason I update my blog with this meaningful and helpful article. Anyway, I got to go, all the best to you, my blog readers and me myself cos my Block III exam starts tomorrow (end on coming Saturday). I just can’t wait for it to end and ready to prepare presents for Christmas.

Christmas — The Season of Love

Ginger Tea (Relationships)

Features of Typical Girls that Boys Like

1. Fair

No one can deny that majority of the boys like girls with fair and smooth skin. Yes, girl, you may feel unfair cos that’s not what we can decide! We have no right to blame our parents for giving us a yellow or brown skin. They gave birth to us, giving us a chance to live and experience life. To the ladies, NEVER EVER change yourself cos of a man you like. He doesn’t worth you spending money in wearing makeup(especially to those who usually don’t wear). As what Bruno Mars said in his lyrics, you are amazing just the way you are. Do not give a shit to the man who wish you to change your physical appearance which is not under your control or you don’t feel confortable to change. To the boys, please be mature. Why are you guys so silly who only give attentions on those typical pretty girls? How dare you ignore the kind girl with amazing inner beauty?

2. Long hair, mostly with fringe

I have no idea why boys love girls with long hair. They will only pay attention to a short hairstyle girl if the girl is really outstanding with her pretty face. Definition of pretty face for boys: Fair, big eyes, perfect thickness of lips, not too thin, a little chubby will do. To the ladies, as long as you feel like trying new hairstyle, no matter it’s long or short hairstyle, just try it! Do not let anything stop you from trying, even it’s a boy you like. If a person like/love you with his true heart, he shouldn’t stop you from trying new things. He will continuously like/love you, even you do not look as pretty as before you change your hairstyle. He is your supporter, all the time. To the boys, please be mature and let girls do whatever they want. Stop commenting especially bad comments over her changes. Negative feedback hurts, most of the time. Especially you mean to her, she does care about your reactions!

3. Height

If you are tall, never think of acting cute in front of boys, they may find disgusting. For boys, short girls should be the one acting cute. In other words, short = cute. That’s what typical boys think. Tallie, sexy with long fair legs are for you. Boys do stare at your long beautiful legs when you pass by them.

4. Sporty

Want to stimute at least a boy to talk about you? Be sporty then. Join at least a sport, start learning if you are not good at the sports. While learning it, you can make new friends, increase your availability to meet more opposite sex. If you are already a professional in playing any sport, continue your game, play hard. Somebody is discussig you at the corner. Ohh. They gonna start to stalk your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, etc. You never know that the one who found your name and your social accounts is so proud of himself. Being active is not only one of the way to get to meet new friends and also a way to get popular. Joining a competition, work hard, play hard, perform well. You are actually gaining your popularity at the same time.

5. Stay up late/ Stay online the whole night

Boys usually sleep late. Want to hook for a boy? I am here suggesting you to stay up late, sacrificing few hours of your beauty sleep. Teenagers or young adults do not sleep early. 2am for them are still early. Night is still young~ If you are pretty enough to catch their attentions, they eventually will start a conversation with you (no matter what time it is), instead of the other way round. If not, no harm for you to start a conversation. Grab the chance while you still have! People is more emotional at night. You can do an experience over this statement. If you are the kind of person who always prefer to sleep early, before 12am, get a man who is available to chat with you before you go to bed. Chatting with the one you admire right before sleep is awesome.

6. Sharp prominent chin

Hardly find a typical boy loves fatty girl. It’s either gorgeous creatures with sharp chin or chubby cute short girl. To the ladies, don’t purposely eat more to be chubby, you may ended up becoming fat and this is worse. Other than that, never ever have the idea of doing plastic surgery just to look like the so called perfect creature that your admirer loves. He doesn’t worth you risking your own life to go for operation in order to look like another person. That’s not you! BE YOURSELF and this is the most important every lady must know.

7. Gamer

Not to forget that. It’s better to be a online/video game gamer, Defense Of The Ancients(DOTA), League Of Legends(LOL), Counter Strike(CS). If the boy is a gamer, he would like it if you are a gamer who plays the same game with him. It is cool and swag to be a gamer, ladies. I hope I know how to play DOTA and even master it. Anyway, as long as your time management is excellent, playing game does not affect your studies or working efficiency, you can enjoy playing games. A gaming boyfriend is always proud to have a gaming girlfriend, he will show it off to his buddies. Hehee. Ladies(who do not play games), beware of your gaming boyfriend or admirer, he may not free to entertain you after both of you get together for a long time. It’s time for you to learn to give him free time to play game. Gaming boys prefer gaming girls. It is 50:50. Non-gaming girl can get considerate man. So don’t force yourself to learn a game that you are not interested in and just to have a common activity with your admirer. Boys are weird, they born to be.

For non-gaming girl who likes gaming boy, just be who you are if you cannot understand what’s the game is about. I am a great example. My man is a gamer but I am not. This does not bring any impact between us. I tried to learn but failed to understand it. In addition, I have no time to learn and practice it. My man told me which female friends of his play DOTA sometimes and this really made me got jealous of them. Pretty hope that I master the game. He never want me to be a DOTA gamer, at the same time, he will tell me some DOTA heroes, their abilities, how the map goes, etc. It was quite fun. At least, I know what’s going on in DOTA. Before I die, I hope I know how to play DOTA 😉

Well, there’re definitely more physical characteristics that boys like and (they think) worth their attentions to. You always can have a few miles long list about this topic. Duuhh, boys, we girls have a long list about types of man that we love.

Why I keep using BOY(S) instead of MAN?

For me, definition of BOY: Immature male; Man: Mature male.

After reading this post, male, you think you are a boy or a man?

Feedback and comments are all welcomed! 🙂