Piggy Tea(Personal)

Missoxy Sanitary Napkin 活氧美人卫生巾




  • 全球专利
  • 中间芯片有探测功能
  • 缩水性强
  • 吸水力快
  • 预防妇科问题
  • 不回滲,不側漏
  • 干爽透气 
  • 抑菌除臭 

欢迎询问详情 (pm or wechat me at georginayiixin)

Do you have menstrual problem? Do you feel uncomfortable when you are using the sanitary pad you currently have?

  • Packing is NOT FULLY sealed (causing secondary pollution)
  • Crude fabric (causing itch and allergy)
  • Too little absorption (causing leakage)
  • Poor ventilation (causing hot and humid)

Majority of the sanitary pad in today’s market contains fluorescent agents, fluff pulp and black cotton. All these materials are invisible killers and have no secure guarantee. 

🌷Missoxy is a hygienic sanitary napkin.

  • Single piece used 360 degree vacuum aseptic packaging.
  • Resolutely resist secondary pollution.
  • Produced sterile safety napkin and promoting good health.

There are a lot more information I wish to share.

Please do not hesitate to buzz me (pm me) for more information.


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