Ginger Tea (Relationships)

Love Yourself FIRST

First of all, love yourself.

Popular questions my friends frequently asked me:

  1. How to attract somebody I am interested in?
  2. What are the personalities of an ideal girl/boyfriend?
  3. How to change myself to become her ideal type?

Hey, ladies and gentlemen, you do not need to make huge changes for anybody(including your partner) as long as it does not harm others. If somebody suggests you to make some changes and the changes can increase your value, you can definitely go for it, with the condition that you would not lost yourself (not physically but your unique identity).

No matter you are single or in a relationship right now, all you should always do is….

U P G R A D E . Y O U R S E L F .

  1. Do your best to earn the highest achievement in everything you do. If you are a student, study smart and get into the president list, be one of the distinction students. You do not need to get jealous of others when you see couples everywhere in your campus. When you did not get involved in any girl/boy relationship, you definitely would not have relationship problems that keep you awake at night, or insomnia, when serious.
  2. Fill your free time with hobbies. Drawing, dancing, playing musical instruments, anything that can increase your creativity.
  3. Take part in social activities. This does not only help those who are in needs but also meeting people with different backgrounds. Get your ass out of the chairย and increase your social circle ๐Ÿ˜‰


Be optimistic

Be confident

Be outgoing

Be you!



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