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Review: XIAMEN University Malaysia Campus

14881315_1145292885560625_1837338151_oFirst of all, I wish to tell you that Xiamen University Malaysia Campus(XMUM) is not as good as you imagine and as excellent as any news reported. Whatever reported about this uni was too superficial and modified.

I am their student from first batch and I am currently finishing first year of Bachelor of Management in Accounting. In order to give you a better picture of XMUM, I am going to write this post in Q&A form. Real situations will be shared as well. It is going to be a lengthy post, please be patient in reading ’cause I personally hope that you will make a wise decision and don’t blindly believe the medias.

Q: Why do you enroll in this school in the first place? 

A: I was considering the May intake in UTAR. However my mum insist me to try on this school as their first intake was held in February 2016, and I could continue my studies asap. My mum claimed that XIAMEN is one of the best universities in China and there were a lot of teachers encouraged me to join this school.

P/S: Please note that XIAMEN is one of the best universities in CHINA, it is a completely different story when it comes to the Malaysia branch. The poor management in XMUM is irritating.

For example, every student was given RM50 in their ID card so that they could access to printing services provided in school library. When the RM50 was added to every student’s account, no further information or official announcement was given by school management. Hence, students thought the RM50 printing fee was included in application fee they had previously paid.

More than 6 months later,  the school management emptied the balance of every student’s account and requested every student to pay the amount they had used. This announcement was a huge surprise (in a bad way) to everyone! We always thought we had paid for that. FINE, how about those students who reload their accounts? The newly reloaded amount was emptied too!

I did not follow up with the issue but obviously this incident had clearly show that this school is poor in management. The school should not run if they do not have enough human capital, right? (For your information, the school is currently lack of the capital.)

Q: How are the lecturers this school hired from China?

A: Out of N numbers of lecturers from China, there was only one lecturer was taking high responsibility and was professional in giving lectures. She taught Principles of Accounting in semester one. I am unsure other lecturers from China who are teaching other courses, and I am going to focus on lecturers I have met.

During my semester one, there was a lecturer spent average 15 to 30 minutes in teaching syllabus given and the rest of the time he talked about philosophy. The lecturer was then being ‘invited’ back to China and he was no teaching in XMUM. He spoiled everyone’s chance in understand Principles of Economies more deeply. Everyone of us studied ourselves, and attending his lecture classes was waste of time but we were forced to attend so that we were qualified to sit for final examination.

For my second semester, I only took three subjects as it was a 5-week short semester. Without any surprise, there was a very special lecturer, he is from China too! Everyone of us thought we all had done well in final examination and had a great performance during presentation (since the lecturer was giving good feedback), however the final result was unexpectedly low. The low grade had spoiled my whole semester two result, eventually spoiled my CGPA!

Now, I am having my semester three, there are TWO lecturers who are really bad in giving lectures. The most problematic is the lecturer teaches Principles of Management. He did a lot of research papers and wrote numbers of poems, SO WHAT? His EQ is really poor and he is an ego old man. He does not respect his students, he thinks he is the best in speaking English and always underestimated others. Honestly, he often pronounces vocabularies incorrectly but students choose not to correct him as it will interrupt his lecture. We choose to keep silent and let him do all the talking. The first test he gave was terrible. Out of 50+ students, there were less than 25 students passed the test. For your information, five essay questions were given and we needed to complete them within an hour. Although it was an open book test, but the number of questions set was terrifying! In addition, there was no instruction given and he never gives us any tutorial. By the way, XMUM is not strict in separating lectures and tutorials. Basically, lecturers use the tutorial hours set by the school to give lectures.

P/S: Regarding the management lecturer, a group of us met officers from Academic department and described the real situations happened during his lecture classes. Nonetheless, the officers told us to have more tolerance and requested us not to expect the lecturer to lower his ego and to have better attitude as he is aged. In short, all the academic officers will do is to make sure he won’t come back for the next management class of the following batch. We all feel that we are their laboratory rat to test if a lecturer is good in teaching or not. We seriously do not need the status of ‘FIRST BATCH STUDENT’. All we need is to gain maximum of knowledge and have a memorable (in a good way) university life. The reasons given by Academic officers were not persuasive at all. They promised us the lecturer would provide us a clear explanation and guidelines. After few of his lectures, all of us had gave up on him as he did not make any improvement.

Could you feel how fed up are us?

Few students had moved to other school and there are more students plan to quit XMUM now. Dear parents, are you sure you still wish your child or relatives to enroll course in this school?

Q: How is the living environment in XMUM?

A: The accommodation of male and female students is not separated. They do not stay in the same floor or in the same room but they are staying under the same roof. The rules are not strictly followed. Male can enter female’s room and vice versa. Moreover, male maintainers or cleaners are free to move around female accommodation WITHOUT supervision of any guard. There were number of times I found male maintainer and male cleaner sitting on the stair linking between two floors of female accommodation talking over their phone (on different days). This was so uncomfortable. Apart from that, students are not allowed to cook even in any of the pantries provided by the school, which is saddening. 

P/S: The study environment in XMUM is almost the same as that in Chinese independent school. Students communicate with each other using Mandarin as well as the communication with majority of the lecturers. In my opinion, this school is not a good place to improve or learn English.

Last but not least, neither internal assessment marks or overall marks are shown in our result slips. They are mystery (lol, but that’s true). Students have their rights to know their marks, however XMUM is not providing them. :/

Please do not hesitate to share it if you think it will be helpful. Thank you in advance.

Have a pleasant day!


14 thoughts on “Review: XIAMEN University Malaysia Campus

  1. I am planning to go there this year.(International Business) I have heard that the school management will change lecturers very fast after students’ complaints. But most of all , what I concern is the actual teaching and learning process in the university. Anyway , can you explain further more about this university? I hope to seek your advices.


    1. Hello and Happy Chinese New Year to you! The school will change lecturers if they perform badly, however it is not fast at all (honest speaking). The management lecturer that had been complained by few groups of student taught for the whole semester. It was torturing for us.
      Regarding the actual teaching, lecture and tutorial hours are not strictly separated.
      Majority of lecturers that I had come across did not follow the plan set. They use tutorial hours for lectures and some of them did not even prepare any exercise (tutorial questions for homework). When irresponsible lecturer gives quizzes, they are totally a nightmare as none of the students knows how the lecturer will set the question and they ways to gain max marks.


    2. In my opinion, learning progress is all based on your own effort. Apart from studying and revision by your own, you can consult lecturers during their office hours. Every lecturer has their own office hours which mean they are 100% in their office and available to assist students in their studies. You could consult them at other time but they might not be in their office.

      The sport facilities of this uni are improving, except the gym. Besides, our lecture rooms are located in multipurpose building instead of academic buildings like building for school of business, building for school of chinese medicine, etc. The buildings are not ready to be used yet.

      Oh ya! The marks distribution for a course is not constant. For example, there are a total of 100 students taking Principles of Management. The students are distributed into two classes, 50 students each and two different lecturers are teaching the classes. Lecturer A set 50% for final exam, 20% for assignment, 10% for attendance and 20% for quizzes. Meanwhile, Lecturer B set 50% for final exam, 25% for case study + presentation and 25% for quizzes. Although the 100 students are taking the same course in the same semester but the mark distribution is not the same. I feel that’s really unfair.

      There are a lot of experiences and opinions I would love share if you. Please feel free to ask. I’m glad that I can help you. Looking forward to your reply 😄


      1. First, I would like to say thank you to you for willing to share your experiences. It is really precious. I felt warm through reading your reply. You are such a kind person who are even willingly to help a stranger. Again, thanks for your warm reply. I will have my course in September this year and are looking forward to meet you😃. By the way, may I know how to contact you? Facebook , Whatsapp or Wechat


    3. You’re most welcome, KH. I would really love to help. You can contact me through Facebook (Georgina Tai,

      Since you are planning to enroll in September, you are greatly encouraged to think multiple times before joining XMUM. You can take your time to search for more universities with better course structure. In short, do more research before making decision or you will waste your time studying in an university that does not suit you.

      Please don’t hesitate to ask for more info.

      P/S: If you insist to join xmum, see you in this September then (;


    1. I see. Unfortunately, none of my friends took the course and I could not make any comment on it. When I just enrolled, the course is not provided by xmum. You may give it a try (as in taking xiamen foundation course). You could ask seniors who are studying economic in finance when you are here. If you change your mind and decide to transfer school after you complete your foundation course here, it would not be too late to do so.


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