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Review: Capsule by Container Hotel 2.0


Capsule by Container Hotel is located in  L1-2 & 3 of Transportation Hub at Gateway@ KLIA2. Last Saturday(26 June 2016) was my second time staying overnight in this hotel. Satisfied with their improvements! Less noises during sleeping time which usually caused by other guests and more rooms are available right now.


Capsule gives every guest an amenity bag which contained of a shower towel, dental kit and a bottle of 500 ml water. I didn’t receive these when I was here for the first time.. They seemed more professional now. They have 24/7 front desk by the way. You can check-in at any time.


Every guest will be given an access card and a locker key too! I love their black and white theme. Classic!

Capsule is now providing mixed rooms with single size bed and queen size bed accordingly. This means that they do not only have female and male dorms. You will get what I mean when you make a reservation on their website. 6 hours, 9 hours or 12 hours, it’s always up to you. If you have a long journey ahead and you which to freshen up, Capsule is a suitable place for you to drop by. Get a shower, then continue your journey! They provides other services too. Check them out!

Last but not least, I was not completely satisfied as I could not find slippers which they usually provide for guests’ indoor use. I ended up walking around in bare feet. Anyway, it was not a big deal. I truly believe you can enjoy the service they provide and have a good night sleep by stay over there. Their pillows and mattress are comfy! ❤

Wish to know my first experience staying over Capsule? Please click HERE.


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