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Review: Home in the Garden

Are you panic in choosing a place to stay over in Jonker? Congratulation, you are reading the right post! I stayed in Home in the Garden for two nights and paid RM98 per night for a standard double room.

Address: 41, Jalan Hang Kasturi, 75200 Melaka, Malaysia.

You can book for the room in without paying any booking fee. In addition, the reservation is possible without a credit card.

Please kindly note that pets are NOT allowed in Home in the Garden.

The counter is only available from 11 am until 6 pm. If you will reach Jonker after six, you can contact the receptionist at +60 19-626 6566.  She can speak English, Bahasa Malaysia and also Chinese.

I am not sure if the coffees are free of charge but you probably can try them when you stay over. Generally, WiFi is available in all areas, however you need to ask for the password when you check-in for the room.


The Common Area (in front of the reception counter)

In order to enter this area, it is necessary for you take off your shoes.

Do you feel homed?


The area you keep your shoes

After staying few days here, I realized that the fact ‘majority of Asians do not keep their shoes in rows’ is true. They simply let their shoes in the middle of the area after taking them off. Please, ladies and gentlemen, be more organize and tidy. (I am an Asian but this fact could not apply on me. Teehee)

Home Sweet Home

You will be given a Jonker map, an access card with main door controller and an air-conditioner controller after you have done checking-in.


The Shoe Rack

If you feel uncomfortable stepping on the (fake) grass, you can get yourself a pair slipper in the shoe rack.


The Stairs

Feel like staying in a garden? There are two floors of rooms. Besides, sahred bathrooms and toilets are available at both floors.


The Shared Lounge (next to TV area)

The Living Room (TV area)


TV area


Another Shared Lounge

It is located in the first floor, outside the bathrooms and toilets. There is a wash basin in this area and a rack you can put your toiletries so that you do not need to carry them every time you go for shower.


Hair dryer, hand wash, body wash and shampoo are provided

This basin (with mirror) is between two rows of toilets and bathrooms.


The Switches

The floor of first floor is covered by woods so everyone is encouraged to walk gently so that the wood will not produce loud noises and disturb others.

Home in the Garden is a non-smoking hotel. There is no smoking area in this property. This is one of the reasons I love to stay here.


The Door Plate of the Room

The door as well as the numbers are kept clean (as in they are not yellowish and covered with dirt).


Standard Double Room

There is limited space for movements but I believe it is comfortable for two persons to stay over. Bed, pillows and blanket are properly cleaned and comfy.

Most importantly, towels are provided. If you are choosing cheaper hotel, there’s a higher chance you may not get a towel.

How to get there?

If you are using public transport and you are from other states or other countries, you can enter #17 bus from Melaka Sentral and stop at Jonker. The bus fee costs about RM 2.00 to RM 2.50. The bus driver will drop you off the building next to Christ Church Melaka (also called ‘The Red House‘).

  1. Cross the main road (use the zebra crossing as the main road is very wide), head to Hard Rock Cafe.
  2. Cross a road again as if you are going to San Shu Gong
  3. Walk straight, keep right
  4. Turn right (do not cross the road)
  5. Continue walking straight then you will see an artificial grass carpet hanging on the  balcony of the first floor

You do not need to worry about remembering the steps as you can reach the hotel by using google map. Teehee


By the way, if you wish to do shopping in Melaka, you can also take the #17 bus to Dataran Pahlawan with RM 1.00 to RM 1.50.

Malacca is one of my favorite states as a lot of my good old times happened over there.

I definitely will visit you again, Malacca! xoxo

Apart from that, I sincerely hope that this post helps you in any way.


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