Ginger Tea (Relationships)

Be A Great EX


No one hopes to be anyone’s EX, however when your future plan doesn’t have your lover’s existence, I believe it is about time for both of you to end the relationship.

The main goal to be in a relationship is getting married. Neither for fun or for gaining experiences.

[You were the one who had been requested to break up]

It’s meaningless for two persons to continue being together if love does not exist. What would appear in your mind after breaking up? Chasing him/her back? Chat with her like nothing happened?

Hehey, ladies and gentlemen, please be wise and nice. There are few tips in being a nice EX.

  1. Respect  

If you wish to keep in touch with her and want to be her friend, respecting her is one of the important things you must do. Respect her decision(especially, of breaking up with you). You might still loving her at the moment she requested to break up, but I am here to encourage you to accept the fact first. She might have already mentally and physically prepared to leave you. She would feel surprised and definitely would appreciate your understanding if you replied her “Okay. I respect your decision and I hope you made the right choice for our relationship” instead of “Why the hell do you want to break up with me? You must be loving the other guy!”.

If she loves you, she would come back after a time, if she does not, you should not have bother about her. What is yours is yours, although you may lost it for a period of time, it will come back and stay forever by your side. Believe God that He will arrange the best and most suitable person for you.

      2. Never expect her to tell you everything

You are no longer her boyfriend, there is no reason for her to do that. You did not appreciate it when she shared every story when you guys were still in love, so please do not expect she will do the same thing to you after breaking up. You are just one of her normal friends (or even only a  Hi-Bye friend) right now, one does not simple share her life with a Hi-Bye friend. Bros, you need time for yourself, to calm down, to think wisely.

      3. Do not try to access any social account of hers

It is not only creepy and disgusting to access her social account after breaking up but also disrespectful. She might forgot to log out her social account on your phone, however this does not mean that you have the right to access it. As a gentleman, you should not do that. You need to respect her and also yourself! Where’s your moral value, bro?

     4. It’s time for you to love yourself more

Trying your best not to care about her. Wanna keep yourself busy? Get new hobbies and exercise *wink* Sweating can let you feel happier and increase the positiveness containing in your body. Upgrade yourself to increase your value.

It is not embarrassing to break up and do not let ‘breaking up’ this news hurt you in any way. Chill and be a nice and intelligent EX.


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