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Have You Sweat Today?



I am a person who has high metabolic rate ( I guess?) because no matter how much food I eat, it is really difficult for me to gain weight. Since I know the healthy range of Basal Metabolic Index(BMI) in high school, I started to concern about my health, I always hope I can ‘squeeze’ into the healthy range. About three hours after taking main meals, I feel hungry. I am not sure if I have a normal healthy gastrointestinal system. Anyway, I enjoy eating, who don’t enjoy food? I used to be a person who really love chips, junk food and fast food. They used to be my favourite. People say those who love those food wouldn’t love healthy, less salt, less sugar meals. I can proof that they are wrong ’cause I love healthy food as well! *so proud to say that* (Hahahahahahaa) As long as it’s food, I love it. I am not a picky, although there are some vege that I refuse to try, still.

If you want to keep your body healthy and you are a chips lover, you really need to force yourself to GET RID of that CHEMICAL-FUL food! I believe parents and school teachers keep telling us about the fact since we were in our young age BUT we never listen.

When you start to concern more about your well being, you need to follow the rules. Less sugar, less salt, no processed/convenience food and exercise regularly. Decrease the amount you enjoy the gassy  sweet soft drinks and always try your best to say ‘no’ to fast food. It is challenging to stop eating them completely in the beginning, however I believe if you have the strong will to be healthier and look more charming & attractive, you will succeed!

For a hard-to-sweat person like me, found two nice apps in Google Play Store.

Fisrt: 10 Daily Abs Exercises

I just downloaded it last night and started the workout this evening. Majority of the people rated it five stars! Wishing to have linea alba and linea semilunaris before I get old.

Your dream will remain a dream if you never put any effort to achieve it.

Second: Best Butt Fitness

It’s time to stand out from your comfort zone and start working out, babe! You always wish to have a sexy ass but you always sitting in front of your electronic gadgets and telling the whole world your wish and never walk your talk. You ain’t getting that ass you want, sweetie. Follow some accounts which able to motivate you to exercise in Twitter!

The following accounts are those I follow in Twitter 😀

(1) @FitspirationaI

(2) @Iive_Fit

(3) @FlTNESS

(4) @TopFitFam

There are more motivation sites you can search in Twitter! 😉

Back to the ‘Best Butt Fitness’ app, I am very fond of it. Why? It’s because I am the kind of person who hardly sweat. When my friends and I went to gym, sweats were all over their bodies withing half an hour while I just started feeling hot and FELT like starting to sweat. After I follow the workout plan from this apps, I can sweat within 10 minutes! I was amazed by the outcome! I kinda like the after-workout-pain as it indicates how proper I have done my workout and I know I will continue exercise until I get what I want.

You are not going to get the butt you want by sitting of it.




You can always set your time! Workout at least twice a week.



Get yoruself a yoga mat and a pair of dumb bells. Both of them are suffient for you to workout at home.



Truly hope that you enjoy this post.

“If you want to get fit, you only have to give up one thing: your excuses.”


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