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Zenith Nutrition

Why do we need to take supplements when we can get all kinds of vitamins and minerals from our daily diet? This is FAQ but do you really know the answer?

The Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act(DSHEA) defined a dietary supplement as a product that is:

1. intended to supplement the diet that contains one or more dietary ingredients such as a vitamin, a mineral, a herb or other botanical and an amino acid.

2.  not represented for use as a conventional food or as a sole item of a meal or a diet.

3. in variety of forms — capsule, powder, softgel, gelcap, tablet or liquid.

Source: Dietary Supplement Health And Education Act of 1994

Taking supplements is like a booster for the vitamins and minerals you receive from your diet. Supplements serve a specific purpose(s) and benefit your body in their own way. As an example, Vitamin D helps in maintaining normal blood levels and regulating calcium and phosphate levels in the plasma to strengthen teeth and bones. Every vitamin and mineral carry their own functions to maintain a good health.

For those who have the habit to take supplements, keep it up! You are doing great.

When you are working or studying in India and you find no where to refill your finishing supplements, I am here to introduce you Zenith Nutrition.

zenith nutrition

Zenith Nutrition currently do not serve international orders, however they deliver to majority of the locations in India.

Delivery service:

Their delivery service is really fast! What I mean is you may receive your order earlier than the expected date. The speed varies from an area to another, but their high efficiency surprised me! I received my order on the third day after I made an order.


If you can find your supplements here, why do you need to request your parents to buy supplement for you in your country and post them to you later? International postage is expensive and it is time consuming! The supplements selling in Zenith Nutrition are all in affordable price and they have discounts from time to time.

Knowledge you may want to know:

They provide all the informations you wish to understand in their official website. Apart from that, they pack two extra booklets together with your order — ‘A Chart of Vitamins Rich Food’ and ‘Your Heath In Numbers’. You may think that you can get those informations from the internet, but how many of you actually spending time in front of your gadgets to search of the facts about health care? Now, I would love to invite you to visit their website to know more about health care and supplements. I believe you will find the informations they provided are extremely useful.


A 200 days Vitamin E course for myself.

Enjoy the picturs! (I just uploaded few pages from the two booklets)

 You can know more about the facts and informations once you receive your supplement(s).



IMG_1380 IMG_1381



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