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Handmade Cards are the Best

I love receiving handmade cards and I believe everyone is the same as me too! Giving and receiving handmade cards are the joyful moments that’s hard to forget and the feeling is definitely unique and amazing!

The silent message of handmade cards: “I really care about you.”

Besides that, writing a message or sending grettings though handmade cards is more meaningful than sending wishes through email or Facebook or Instagram. It’s twenty-first century, a high technology era, it is extremely normal for everyone to use all kind of social media to communicate and to interract with each other. It’s so convenient, handy and efficient, once you press ‘ENTER’, everything is complete.

Letters –> Email, Facebook inbox

Meeting in person –> Facebook video call, Skype

Gretting cards –> Facebook post, Instagram post, Email

Everything is about speed and easy now. However, does the person who receives the wishes and greetings really appreciate them when you wish him/her in social website(s)? Although he/she replied “Thank you so much, dear! I am so touched!” Do you know if he/she truly cherished by the wishes you just sent?

Why handmade cards?

1. More memorable and meaningful.

2. It shows your sincerity and how much you concern about the occasion.

3. Choose/create a suitable handmade card for an important person of yours can express your feelings towards him/her.

4. Showing them your love, your care and the attention you always pay to them.

5. It represents your precious consideration. Posting a card takes time, it shows how early you actually have started preparing for this occasion. You are a sweetheart!

Handmade cards are meaningful and memorable!





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