Lemon Tea (Friendships)

A Noun That Ends With END

When your partner(someone means a lot to you) told you that:

“You have no friend, do you realize that?”

“Where are your friends?” *looking left and right* “I see none.”

“Why you have no friend?”

“Why you never talk to your friends?”

“They are your besties, aren’t them? They seems do not care about you at all.”

“Do you think that you are the third party of the friendship you have with them?”


However, the truth is:

-You decide to spend more time with your partner.

-His friends = your friends. MUTUAL FRIENDS, people.

-You have friends, and of course have besties. I mean real besties, ain’t ‘besties’.

-You chat with yout friends, maybe or mostly not in front of your partner. But he complained that you are being cool, not talking with your friends, he thought you are a very anti-social arse.

-Your friends especially your besties(best friends) respect you. If you want to go out with them, of course you will find them. If they need you, they will definitely come to you without any hesitation. No biggie with them, you still loving them and they are loving you. They are 24/7 ready for you. Their contact numbers are always your emergency hotline.

-Besties are those who always try their best to provide you an easier life. They know they are important to you. They don’t give you a hard in choosing either them or your partner. They are just being understanding, it doesn’t indicate that they do not care about you or you are being anti-social with your same-gender-friends. 

So I want to thank both of my besties here for being understanding and always be there for me. I know I can always approach you guys any time, especially when I am running out of ideas to solve my problem(s). I hope all of us will have free time soon so that we can go for a meal again. A meal time to catch up with each other 😉

Apart from that, I wish to thank Syuen here (although I’m not sure if she is only of the reader of my blog. I hope you read this 🙂 ) Thank you for being so supportive, Syuen. Thank you for encouraging me, thank you for all the advises, thank you for loving me too!

Thanks everyone who took/takes part in my life.

Thank you for the good and bad memories.

Everything you have done is appreciated.

Memories are made and kept.

Names are remembered.

🙂 — 😉


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