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Pre-War Syndrome


Height of my Biochemistry Notes is almost equal to the length of a mini stapler. It is terrifying, isn’t it? Four blocks of Biochem notes.. It’s so impossible to finish reading all of them. At the same time, I have another two subjects to cover up — Anatomy & Physiology. I have no plan. I don’t know how to distribute my time for them. For the very first time, I have no plan for an important issue.


Exhausted, literally. It’s not easy to stay awake, focus and feel energetic to read the notes.

Sleep –> Read –> Sleep –> Read –> …

The Sleep-Read Cycle is repeated.

I’m tired. Tired of this stupid repetition of Sleep-Read Cycle.

IMG_1178Traffic light colors? Orange, Yellow, Green..

They make my notes colourful and it was easy for me to catch the important points when I reread my notes. Enjoy highlighting my notes. Hohooo


Two hills of Physiology notes and Biochemistry notes.

Is MMMC thinking MBBS students are geniuses? How could them expecting us to finish so many notes within 20 days? Even if we succeed in completing the notes, we may have no time to look through or do some past years questions. I don’t know how those distinction students able to get distinction. I feel so stubborn 😦

IMG_1187Majority of anatomy reference books and notes. Histology and Chaurasia Volume 2 aren’t in this bag. All these notes are burdens to me. I’m forced to carry them on my shoulder. The weight is equivalent to the weight of the Earth. I can’t breathe.

IMG_1181 My drawer sacrificed itself to be my ‘extended table’. I needs lots of space to put my notes. I have no idea how my friends can maintain their study table neat and clear from stuffs.


The condition of my study table right now. Stationeries are all over the place. Laptop is always turned on, ’cause I always need background music to prevent myself feeling bored and fall asleep.

One word to describe the past one week –> BAD

– preparation progress is unexpectedly slow.

-Relationship status: Complicated.

-FSOG is postponed

-No movie for my Valentine’s. Well, that’s so unimportant to me right now.

-Not going back home for Chinese New Year

Something for me to be grateful of:

-I am still alive.

-I had tuan yuan fan with my girls. They didn’t dump me lol.

-Syuen was there for me when I was down, being my listener.

-I’m getting little closer with my girls now.


3 thoughts on “Pre-War Syndrome

    1. Thank you for the comment. Yes, my posts are mainly for young. I write when ideas flash through my mind. More mature articles take time to prepare and express them by words. I do have few ideas, most probably will complete them during my coming holiday. I am so glad to know that you enjoy reading this post. Have a pleasant day.

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