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Mr. Grey Will See You Now

Christian Grey and Mr Tango
Christian Grey and Mr Tango

I am so obsessed with Fifty Shades Trilogy these days! The crazy genes of mine have awaken. I was a fan of Twilight series and I was not as crazy as what I am now. I did not search much about Twilight latest news as well as watch the trailers repeatedly.

How obsessed I am?

– Liked few pages about Fifty Shades which update daily. Once they updated, I will read all the news and videos they share.

-Followed Christian Grey , Anastasia SteeleE. L. James@fiftyshadesnew@FiftyShades… in Twitter

-Followed Christian Grey as well as E.L. James in Instagram !

-I do check on the news about Fifty Shades of Grey everyday.

-I am currently rereading the Fifty Shades of Grey — The first book. The reason I don’t continue with the second book is I promised myself to read it during my journey back to Malaysia. So yeah, rereading a book you just read is fun ’cause you can know more about the story in details! You most probably will miss out some details when you first reading it.

-Here’s where my curiosity brought me to — Grey Enterprises Holding Inc. This is really amazing! I was stunned when I found this website and was proud of Author E.L. James’ decision in choosing Universal in filming her first book. Universal did this stunning website and they also did an overview of Christian Grey’s apartment. That’s another masterpiece! P/S: I signed in to this website and played some quizes about the story. It was fun!

There are inifity of points I could list out! I hope you guys enjoy the movie (it’s coming up in 2015 Valentine’s Day!) I can’t wait for the movie to be released! *feeling super excited*

Having Block IV exam next week, so this must be the last post I can post before the exams end. Thank God that 14th February is the last day of the exam, I have my Anatomy Viva Voce in the morning. I can enjoy the movie at night! At the same time, I hope I’ll be able to grab two tickets for that. *finger crossed*

“The love story is more important than the BDSM aspect.”

Jamie Dornan (who played Christian Grey)

Wishing you all the best in everything you do, my dear readers.

One of the famous quote in Fifty Shades of Grey
One of the famous quotes in Fifty Shades of Grey

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