Piggy Tea(Personal)

Second Wave

second wave

Second batch of bookmarks. Some of my friends told me that bookmarks were finishing fast, they found none when they passed by my door. Therefore, I decided to use about 1.5hrs time out of my busy schedule to make this second wave successful!

I felt so much satisfied when my Hi-Bye friends, good friends, best friends or even unknown senior or junior took it. At the moment, they find me to chat in Facebook just to show their appreciation and complimenting my work done, I felt amused! Giving bookmarks does make me and some of my Hi-Bye friends closer. It’s like from Hi-Bye friends to chit chat friends which I found some of their adorable charaters that I never noticed before. Everyone is so sweet!

Gifts to Give
Gifts to Give

These mini gifts are readied for my dissection batchmates. They are still in my room. Pending.. Most probably will be given on coming Wednesday and truly hope that they will love it.

Stay Tuned.

3days left for Cristmas Eve.


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