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Christmas Gift Ideas

There are 24 more days to 2014 Christmas Eve. I believe everyone is getting ready to prepare some lovely gifts for your loves one. Do you always feel panic in choosing a suitable gift for the one you care? So here is some suggestion from me 😉

First and foremost, you must or roughly know what your gift receiver is interested in. This is very important because you are giving him something useful and meaningful.

-Sporty: Water bottleRunning shortsRunning TeeSweat Towels, …

Aren’t my suggestions useful to them? Sporty people sweat (a lot), they need sweat towels to wipe the sweat and drink more water to rehydrate their body water needs. It’s cheaper comparing to buying running tee or shorts. If your budget for their gift is high, then no harm to buy their favourite brand running tee or pants with their favourite colour.

-Perfume & makeup lover: L’OCCITANE Fragrance, Shower Gel and body lotion, body scrub, simple makeup set, …

Usually, people do not love over-strong perfumes ’cause it may spoil the entire smell as well as the mood who wears the perfume. Be greatly careful when you are choosing perfume. In addition, choosing the bottle of a perfume is another considerable point.

Not only shower gel and lotion, you can think of giving body scrub. Body srub helps to remove all the dead skin off the body and expose a supple layer of younger skin. Besides that, after using body scrub, you will definitely feel fesh and rejuvenated! Check on the benefits of using body srub by clicking the link.

Some girls love to make up but never underestimate that guys won’t like it! Guys hardly wear eyelines or mascara but they wear BBcream (Blemish Balm Cream). It’s normal, they are not either gay or being girly.

If you don’t know what type of person your gift receiver is, then pay more attention to what she is talking cos for sure she will tell what she hopes to have in her conversation. I am here to encourage you to buy something that can be use instead of food 🙂

Chocolate with beautiful box that she can keep after finishing the chocolate or you can design the chocolate box!

No one can resist the cuteness of a teddy, including guys! There’s a knowledge of choosing teddy. It’s a test in choosing teddy bear, make sure you pass the test.

A bouquest of nice wrapped fragrance flower — something that girls which to receive from her boy.

Giving an outfit to your close one crazy for. You gonna surprise her or even more surprise when you get the right size.

Necktie or belt and wallet are awesomely placed in a creative gift box. It will be a little surprise for him when he opens the box cos it is a special box!

Baking cookies or cake for your loves one! It means a lot by baking cookies yourself instead of buying cookies in a market.

 A handmade card by you yourself, provided that you love to make cards or even craft and the receive will appreciate your masterpiece & keep it forever.

In short, I believe your gift receiver(s) will appreciate whatever you prepare and buy for them.

Good luck!

November is ending within 12 hours and I am here feeling excited about Christmas cos it’s time to give and receive presents to and from my loves one. When stress attacts me and try to make me collapse, I feel more relax and calm. That’s reason I update my blog with this meaningful and helpful article. Anyway, I got to go, all the best to you, my blog readers and me myself cos my Block III exam starts tomorrow (end on coming Saturday). I just can’t wait for it to end and ready to prepare presents for Christmas.

Christmas — The Season of Love


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