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Back to 24th September 2014

Capsule Hotel by Container

Location: KLIA2, Sepang, Malaysia

Ground floor

Next to the transportation hub

This was the first experience staying in a hotel alone and the next morning I needed to go back to India in order to continue my first year MBBS. How sad it was to go back and study. I don’t enjoy studying medicine to be honest. It was so complicated, tough and challenging. Let’s skip the complaints and back to the topic. 🙂

Well, I booked a unit for myself in Capsule Hotel about two weeks before I went to Kuala Lumpur through No extra charge for booking online and you can pay once you reach the reception table. It’s easy to book and get yourself a place to stay.

As what I saw when I reached Capsule Hotel was exactly the same I saw in pictures in Google. I actually searched for the environment and facilities of this hotel. It didn’t disappoint me. But there was a condition which I dislike was the presence of flies. They were irritating! No food or rubbish around the area yet flies were flying here and there. There were not really much of flies but this situation did disappoint me a little. The workers tried hard to kill all of them. I saw them taking the electronic racket to kill them.

Capsule Hotel is dorm type of place to stay where there is no washroom attached or even a mini living room. It is not suitable for family and couples who wish to stay a night together. Female and Male doms.

Every room is the same. Simple, clean and tidy.

You can request the hotel to arrange you either to the ground or to the upper “floor”. One container only has two “floors”. I requested for the upper deck but luckily I got the lower one ’cause I was carrying a small luggage to my room. I believe I couldn’t carry my luggage up to the upper deck as it was 10kg+. Besides that, the locker for every customer is too small for me to put all my luggage inside! The size of the locker is only sufficient to put my 20kg luggage and this was the reason I need to carry one luggage to my room.

Selfie with a digital camera that my mum just gave me before my leave home.

I was making full use of the camera and I couldn’t find the focus button which I can only focus an object and the surrounding becomes blur. Don’t you think that this selfie is beautiful? HAHAHAHAA

Simple and nice washroom is provided.

I think I was the first female customer of the day ’cause I was the first one who used the washroom and this made me feel that the whole washroom was mine. HAHAHAAA It was quite fun being around alone. The shower room was quite small. Your clothes may get wet while you are taking your shower. In addition, there’s only two hooks to hang your clothes and everything. I suggest you to bring a plastic bag. Put everything in the plastic bag and hang over the hook.

People say “Females love mirror, especially big one.”

And I am one of them! I love big mirror! Weehee~ So here’s my selfie in the washroom 😉

Hairdryers are provide next to the basin at the corner.

One of the facilities I love. Hairdryer is important to me!

Boxes beside the way to ”study area”

I guess this is the way the hotel store their stuffs. We, customers couldn’t open it and see what’s inside. Either a decoration or used for storage. I like the theme of this hotel.

About the “study area”, let’s be a surprise to whoever is going to pay a visit to this hotel. There ain’t be fun if everything is told, right?

Wishing you a cheerful day, safe journey to where ever you want to go.


5 thoughts on “Back to 24th September 2014

  1. One of the weirdest places in the world, yet so interesting. Thanks for this review, I’ll definitely have a look at the capsules next time I’m in KL! Have a good time studying 🙂


    1. Hi, Moritz! I found that this concept — Capsule Hotel is actually started in Japan. I enjoyed this experience and I hope you are going to experience this soon 😉 Wishing you have a prosperous new year!

      Liked by 1 person

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