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A Trip to Johor

Date: 10 Sept – 13 Sept 2014

From Penang Escape Park to Kahang Organic Rice Eco Farm(KOREF). We used about two weeks to plan this trip. Changing venue, time, ready for the transportation etc. There were so many obstacles and little notes we needed to get over of.

Till the moment I boarded the aeroplane, I believed everything happenning was real. It was so unbelievable that I could join this Johor trip with some of my buddies. Thanks God for letting daddy sponsored me as well as received popo and mummy’s permission. Feeling blissful! 😘

Two hours fifteen minutes of flight to Johor, it was more or less the same duration from Sabah to KL. After waiting for another 15 minutes, Ru Yuan and her dad together with Chen Yee arrived Senai Aiport and picked me up. I was surprised when I saw three of them only because I was expecting Lawrence, Hoong Hoong and Ren Jet would be in the car and directly go to bus station so that we can have more time for the activities.

Tears out. Ruyuan took some sweet time taking her shower before leaving. In the end, Daddy Bok asked us to go to the bus station first and passed the bus tickets to me and cheque to Chenyee. HAHAHA pity, ru yuan. So we left home in advance. After about ten minutes, Ruyuan joined us in bus station with Mummy Bok. 1.30pm bus but the bus arrived at 2pm+.

Kahang Organic Rice Eco Farm

The medium length bridge made by wood.

Since we were staying in floating chalet, so we needed to walk this pathway whenever we went for meal and acitivities. This walkway is strongly built.


There are five to six floating chalets in KOREF, this is one of them. Chen Yee actually joined us (Min, KF, Mindy, Yuan and I) rafting here on the first day of trip.

Right after we put our luggage in our room, we went by the lake and got ourselves a boat. Initially, the rest of them got their raft except Ruyuan, Chenyee and I. We saw the rest started having fun in the center of the lake and this let us increased the speed of searching boat/raft.

“SPLASH!” Ruyuan fall into the lake due to imbalance on a boat we just found. One slipper was lost. We took quite a long time getting into the boat and starting to ‘drive’ the boat. Ruyuan and I had a hard time rafting. It was not easy to ‘drive’ the boat. After all, we joined KF group and started Lake War I.

Min, Kae Feng, Mindy, Chenyee, Ruyuan, Me


Ren Jet, Dun Jun, Lawrence, Hoong Hoong

Everyone of us, one by one fall into the lake and stepped on the MUD! Yes, we immersed ourselves in the mud water for few hours except Chenyee. I used our leg to get some mud and made it into a ball. BOOM! That was our bom. We had lots of fun. A new sweet memory was added – Kahang Trip.

Another floating chalet before ours.

We had brunch during normal days, yet we had brunch during our vacation days as well. What we have done last night? We played candles and lightened some lanterns that bought by KF. THANK YOU, Mr and Mrs Leo! We have a great first night.

Second day

Brunch -> Mini water fall -> (slightly heavy rain) -> rafting (again, while raining) -> Dinner -> Shower -> Jungle Trekking -> Time for Games!

Trip to watch fireflies was cancelled because fireflies hardly appear after raining however we went to watch Fluorescent bacteria. Fluorescent bacteria is a kind of bacteria which decomposes dead leaves and tree branches. Not regreting joining this trip. The view of fluorescent bacteria on the ground was more than awesome than watching the sky which is full of stars. It was a memorable night.

Played some games at the second night. Some were new for me. We laughed and shouted as if the whole resort was belonged to us.


Floating chalets except the white building. It was landed chalet and the first floor is where the flyingfox starts. We didn’t play waterball nor flying fox. We enjoyed rafting  ❤

Watching them rafting in the dining hall.

It was the last day of our 3D2N trip, I believed they missed this lake too much. They still wanted to go rafting for the last time, before leaving. 12.15pm.

Two rafts, Two persons each.
All of them got wet! None of them wanted to get wet but accident happened.

Some stories are kept in our brain, not to mean to be shared here or there was no point in joining the trip. Hehee.

Waited for 1.5 hours for public bus in Kahang. Sweat-ful!
The first dessert I ate once Ruyuan and I reached Johor Bahru, while waiting for Daddy Bok.
Took a photo with blur blur Yuan and her talkative bro! 😉
My host family in Johor
That’s the end of my Johor trip

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