Piggy Tea(Personal)

Truth or Dare?

Do you love this game?

What do you think about it?

If you join this game, you will choose truth more often or dare?

Truth- cos you think that you got nothing to hide from your besties

Dare- cos you did too many things that cannot be shared

and you think you should keep your secrets safe

Basically, I love to play this game whenever I join a camp or few days trip with my BIG family

Who is my BIG family?

Ohh! They are all my buddies

A gang of awesome people

If we have the chance to go for a trip again

During the last night we stay, I confirm I’ll suggest they all to play this game

To me, it’s a great game to interract with each other

I respect whatever decision they make

Truth or Dare

Up to them

Truth- Be ready with my unique & fun questions

Dare- Get ready to be tortured


My Dear BIG Family Members,

How much I wish we all are gathered in one destination now

Where we can enjoy yourselves

Which we can have more fun and create more sweet memories

STRESS, my greatest enemy

It stimulated my lacrimal glands very often

After I came to India

I cried till I fall asleep

and got up with swollen eyes

Forcing myself to think positive every morning

Reminding myself I need to stay strong

Two more months

The remaning family members are coming

including Lawrence too?

His result is still pending..

Am worrying here

Yet he is busy with his Dota these days

He is so addicted to it

And this makes me want to learn Dota

The more he addicted to it

The stronger the feeling I want to master it

You may find it’s silly to do so

But I just feel lile trying

Hope that I won’t get addicted

There are so many things strored in my brain

But not everything can be told

Not everything can be shared publicly

Keeping majority of them in my brain

Keeping them to myself

Besties are there for me

With their useful advices

Waiting for me to make the final decisions

Am I thinking too much?

Most probably?



I miss you

Stay tuned, my readers.

I remember that I still owe you all “Friend” and “something I must do before I die” 😉

These two posts will be written during my sem break ya.

Stay healthy, stay happy!


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