Piggy Tea(Personal)

Current Feeling(s)

Got no idea about what the hell is going on.

I hate all the classes that are set in the timetable. Lecturers taught very fast and I could not catch up every subject. SUFFERING! I don’t know since when I lost my speed with all the lectures cos I remembered that I could catch up early in my Block II.

Stress would never absent in medicine courses. I almost get crazy here. Seriously, could I just run away? Did I see my future here? I don’t even dare to think about my FUTURE.

The high expectation from family and relatives increases the amount of stress I need to withstand. 

Not completely hate Medicine but please let me try to ENJOY this tough course. Stop expecting anything from me, PLEASE, THANK YOU.

Honestly, the only place I love from the first moment I reached MMMC, Manipal University until now is my own room. There’s no place I love other than this. The only place I feel comfortable, awake and energetic.

My ONLY fav place in India

Start to torture myself now.

Stay tuned.

You may miss one or two posts previously, read them up now 😉

Enjoy reading, have a cheerful day!


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