Piggy Tea(Personal)

It’s Ice-cream Day

Ice cream

First round of Ice cream:

1. Dilkush: It was quite sweet when you are having the bottom last part of it cos of the super sweet rose syrup (I think it’s strawberry jam in stead of rose syrup. The menu was written as rose syrup) It only cost Rs65 and it has THREE scoops of ice cream! HAHAHAHAHAA 😉 If you buy each scoop individually, it gonna cost you Rs30.

2. Mixed sofee: After having Dilkush, I still feel like eating ice-cream so I bought myself a sofee(I was not sure about the spelling, it just sounded like that) If you dislike milk, you better do not try this cos the taste of milk is a little bit stronger.

P/S: Mc Donald Sundae Cone is FOREVER THE BEST!

Camel and I were originally planning to go to Natural Ice Cream house but none of us know where the location is so we ended up having ice cream in KMC foodcourt. In addition, we needed to prepare for Supremo last night, we couldn’t go too far from hostel.

God loves us.

We were actually when to Sheshashayana Hall at Kendiyoor Hotel late but after we arrived and registered, there was so few of participants! We saw Natural before entering the hotel and since we were ‘early’ for the event, we walked to Natural and had our second round of ice cream.

Blackcurrant in cone and XXXXX honey in cup.
Blackcurrant in cone and XXXXX honey in cup.

It’s story-telling time! 😉

Do you know what’s the first step of eating an Ice-cream?
It’s either you LICK it first
or BLOWING the cold air coming out from the ice cream
or directly BITE a mouth-full of ice cream.

Stay tuned.

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