Piggy Tea(Personal)

BLOCK I Examination


One word — TERRIBLE I could describe about my Block One exam performances. Just marked my paper two (Multiople True False) for Physiology and Anatomy. None of them have more than 50% of the full mark. *heart broken* I thought at least my anatomy will pass. Oh well, this is only the first block exam, I promised myself to improve and study smart for the coming blocks.

Let’s see what my Ngoh Wai Wai aka Camel and I had done during this exam week.


TADAAAA~ We cooked once an subject was over. We had another 1.5days to prepare for the next subject so we decided to relaz for about 5 hours chit chatting, cooking and being active in all kind of social networks. This was the second time I cooked soup for others. Hehehe. The feeling was absolutely great and the only thing I worry was the saltiness of my food. 🙂 Camel called delivery for the Vegeballs, it tasted amazing! I love the grazy. Both of us love the gravy :p yummy


Ohh noo!! This was what Camel has done. We spent at least an hour to clean this mess up. She thought she had already closed the cap of the cooking oil tightly, so she put the bottle back and it was put horizontally instead of vertically. We noticed it after we finished our dinner, you can start imagining how long the oil had leaked out. HALF OF THE BOTTLE! We really did an amazing after-meal-activity which helps in preventing us becoming fat X)


Maggie Curry from Malaysia with Chicken Pieces


My dinner for last night —  Wolfberry Chicken Rice

I put the wolfberry and chicken pieces together with the rice. (I did not cook them separately cos I was way too lazy for that.)


This was what I usually do when I started feeling sleepy or boring of nonstop revision. Selfie~


Oh, here you go. The most common situation can be observed in every student who is having study period. SLEEPING! I bet everyone get fatigue easily when it comes to doing revision for any test or exam. I love this photo quite a lot but I could not point any specific reason out. Hahahaha!!

So yeah, basically this is my exam week. I slept maximum 4 hours per day during exam week and this was really suffering. For those who are planning to study MBBS, please make sure yourself can withstand all the packed schedule, sleepless night and infinity of classtests & exams.

Stay tuned for the coming update.

Enjoy reading the previous posts too.

Joyful day! 🙂


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