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The Sense of Fashion

Not a surprise to know that I have this precious so-called free time to update my blog. I just screwed out my Physiology papers and not expecting the mark to be a great one. Let the past be my history, a lesson for me. Don’t stress yourself out always cos you are going to end up like a patient in a mental hospital. Partially worrying about I may have some crazy actions due to stress, I decided to update my blog! Nothing is better than blogging. It’s like enjoying myself in my own world. My blog, my world. If you dislike, go away. DUHH. I am here not to entertain you.

Followed pages of some  public figures in Facebook recently ——  XiaXue, NaomiNeo, 韦小宝.

Reason of following Xiao Xue is her baby, Dash Dash is extremely cute! Love her baby very much. Adorable, chubby and charming. His eyes attract attention of young ladies.

NaomiNeo –> I love to see her photos cos of the clothes she is wearing, accessories, her poses. I wonder who is so free to take pictures for her everyday (since she has new photos to update everyday) How much I hope I have a person who will take pictures of me everyday. Every sad, happy or even angry moment. At the same time, most of her fashionable clothes and accessories are sponspored by all kind of brands! How lucky she is! Which lady doesn’t like to be taken pictures with those latest fashion dresses on?  Apart from that, I do notice her make up. HAHAHAA! Never deny that I have poor skills in making up. I had an almost complete set of make up set, yet I hardly use them. You may ask me why? Answer-> I am a lazy lady. HAHAHAHAHAHAA XD It’s either I lazy to wear make up or lazy to remove them. If wearing make up is going to use up my one hour of time, why don’t I use the one hour to sleep? Sleeping is so much better right? Heh. There’s a chinese saying — There’s no ugly women, there’s only lazy women. And I obviously belong to the lazy women group. Trying to be a hardworking lady. Ermmm. Will do it after this block test. Cosmetic is not cheap, so if I really want to makeup, I need to tie my stomach up. (Ikat perut: a Malay proverb, English version: tightening one’s belt) *finger cross* Hoping this is not like the flash in a pan. Light makeup was fine for me, do not think I will get my eyes all dark with super fair skin and dark purple lipstick on. Ain’t that horrible. That’s makeup level 99999999 and I’ll never reach that level.

韦小宝 ->Followed her when one of my friends followed her and this action was in my Facebook home page. I felt bored of keep on studying for the whole day, so I decided to visit her page. Knowing her having her 4th month pregnancy, seeing the picture of her baby through the ultrasound recording. The limbs and skull were clearly seen. I was thinking if she was lying. Does a fetus grow that rapid? Halfway learning embryology here, cannot sure about this yet. Reason of following her is wanting to find out that if she is lying. Point for her to lie? Getting attention from her fans. HAHAHAA! No idea. Just simply say~

Yeah, now, come to my own page. HAHAAAA Not sure how many of you notice that I actually have a personal page in Facebook. I created it after I saw my friend had one. There are so much differences (obviously)! She was a model, she attended lots of modelling competitions and won some rewards. Couldn’t compare my page to hers. And now, she is already a mother of a cute baby! Feeling awesome for her. She is so kind and lovely! Found a sweet & romantic husband. Wishing her all the best in everything she does 😉 So basically, because of wanting to have an experience in having my own page, I did one.

These are the outcomes when I always ask myself to have more facial expression (and trying to be prettier at the same time)


 When life gives you sour


 You return it your sweetness


Show it you are fine


You can handle everything


 To give them a huge surprise!

Stay tuned.

It’s time for me to study for the last subject! #blockexam

Enjoy reading the previous posts. Cheers!



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