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After 26 days of having the idea to write about Sexology, finally I have a little free time to enjoy myself here. Writing is a way to relax for me. Few tests and exams all come in once, exactly three weeks od examination. Could you imagine how much we suffer? Oh well, life of a medicine student. Left BLOCK exam and a Biochemistry Practical Exam now. Wishing everything will be fine.

Changing course is what I always want to do. Since I was still a little cutie, I had never think to become a doctor. N E V E R ! Yet, I am studying medicine now. Amazing? Hell NO. Deep down in my heart, I do not like medicine. Human body is too complicate for me to cope. Too many muscles, verterbrae, lymphs, veins, arteries and muscles. Every thing has its own name and some of them has similar spelling and you definitely cannot spell them wrongly. A little mistake you do is going to spoil the whole question. In short, I kept finding what I actually love and interested with.

“Now, everyone get a white card. Make yourself an invitation card and please hand in the card to respective mentor before next Wednednesday” the speaker of  Professional Personal Development program told us.

“Ouch! It’s time to think what I really want to be in my future,” I whispered to myself.

Staring at SEARCH bar of Google on the screen of my laptop for few minutes, repeatingly asking myself what I actually intested in. ALRIGHT FINE. I got back to my work immediately after failed in figuring my answer out. While copying some anatomy notes, the answer just pop out in my mind and this is pretty amazing! And the answer is SEXOLOGIST ! It’s not ashame to study about sex or even talk about it.

What is sexology you may ask. Here you go the definition, I took this from Curtin University official website

” Sexology refers to the scientific study of human sexuality. The scientific study of sex and sexuality can be traced back at least to the classical Greek period in the Western world, and even earlier in the Eastern world. Throughout history, emphasis in sexological study has tended to focus on the outcomes of sex, rather than the experience of sexuality. Specific focal areas for the study of sexology have primarily prioritised human reproduction and sexual health as topics for learning and research. The study of love, sexual emotions, human relationships, human sexual response, criminal sexual behaviour, sexual function, sexual pleasure and fulfilment have been relatively recent endeavours in the scientific study of sexuality. “

How intersting it is! First of all, I am curious about sex and always wanting to know more how male and female hormones play the roles which causing all the done chemical reactions in our bodies. If I am a sexologist, I can give talks, write books, giving counselling to those who needs, help those who are in trouble, etc. There’s so many things I can do after finishing the Master of Sexology. Talking and writing are always what I love and use to do so they basically won’t be a problem to me. A PERFECT COURSE for me! Feeling birlliant when I found a course to study.


Yeah, here my bad dream comes – The MASTER of Sexology. In other words, I need to have at least one Degree from tertiary education. OHNOOOOOOOO Here’s the only part I dislike. How much I wish to escape from taking Medicine Bachelor and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS)! and I have been trying so hard from the day I came to India till that moment.

Accepting the fact that I need to continue my MBBS couse

I have no way to escape

No way to hide myself

No method to run away from this path

Be proud of everything you think and you do.

Accepting in progress . . . . . . . . . . . .  87%

Everything will be fine, doesn’t it?

At the same time, I don’t think I have the chance to rechoose my career as grandma and mummy never remind me that I have it when I told them I was stressed out. They so used to tell me that ’cause they do not want me to be too stressful and become a crazy lady at the end. Currently, they keep on encouraging me and telling me to meet the minimum requirement will be enough. So their way of reducing my stress had changed from ‘telling me I always have the chance to change course’ to ‘meet the minimum requirement will be fine’. I see how much they want me to become a doctor deep down in their heart. Oh well, popo & mummy, what I could reply you all is I will always try my best to cope the syllabus and get better marks for every subjects. XOXO

Stay tuned.

Enjoy reading the previous posts as well, my awesome readers.


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