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The Beauty of A Smile
The Beauty of A Smile


Have you forgotten to smile?

SMILE is a great emotion given to everyone of us. Have you make full use of it? Before I meeting the true cruel society and world, the perfect curve of mine is easily seen. I am so proud of my smile. There comes with some reasons. My friends love my smile cos they claimed that I have a warm and sweet smile, they told me that I looked even more attractive with that. What an amazing compliment from them! I still remember my friend’s mum praised me about my smile after a Christmas eve rehearsal in front of everybody! She was one of the organizer of the Christmas eve service. She reminded others to smile like me during Christmas eve. “Bring to joy to others!” she said. A simple compliment made my days. I always smile, not smile crazily or all the time (ain’t a mental problem lady. Haha)

Since when I start to CHOOSE to smile? What are the causes? Since when I being so cool? I always wonder if the reason was my man is not around yet. I may be happy, I may be feeling excited, I may be looking interesting in some new things and knowing new friends. I am less interested in going out after  coming to India. That’s so not me! I used to going out every time my friends  jio me for meal and shopping. Now, I love to stay in my little home more. I am so anti social lol. One of my new friends told me that and my reaction was like WTF? Is that your business?  Thank you for concerning about it. I dislike the term anti social but can you please do not simply use the term? You were judging me before knowing the whole story. It’s true that we cannot stop others from judging us. 😦

Med school(Medicine school) is a place you meet geniuses. So yeah, I am studying in a med school, I meet genius friends everyday. What a stress situation I am in. duhh.. Seriously, I feel stupid when I am with them, especially when they are talking some syllabus and using those terms that I haven’t come across yet. fml D: I truly need some positive thoughts in me. Was once a positive thinker and always remind others to be that. Now, that’s almost completely a different issue to be discussed. I am a slower learner. It may takes me double or triple time to digest and understand everything comparing to others, the geniuses. Ain’t good in memorizing but I am great in making notes lol. Oh well, in short, it’s challenging for me to show my smile when I am stressed. If you see me smiling when I am stress, that must be a FAKE smile tho. True and fake smiles of mine can be easily differentiate cos I always show the true side of myself. I don’t mask, I just like being true. Whatever I dislike with, I will speak it out. I don’t store it if is unnecessary.

I have my own way in solving problems, you have yours. Don’t apply your theory on others’ problems. It may not help or even may mess the whole thing up. Don’t simply give opinions to others when you know that they do not work.

By the way, it’s blessed to see that your buddy be chased and liking and on her way to love a man. BAHAHAHAHAA!! I am looking forward what they are going to be like in the future. This is a long way to go, so I have a long drama to watch like Taiwan drama,  hundreds of episode. Observing fast, thinking fast, relating everything fast. Every small pieces of puzzle are easily becoming a beautiful drawing. Good luck, young lady! 祝你 幸福。

Ohhh~ I really hate work! Notes, class test, presentations … They limited my time in updating my blog! I have a lot of things to share! Am going to squeeze some free time out of the busy timetable of mine to update it!

Stay tuned.

Enjoy reading the previous posts tho 😀


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