Piggy Tea(Personal)





Burning midnight oil – Something I always fail to do since foundation. I wondered how much I love to sleep? Or I love myself too much to the extend that I do not choose to stay up late ’cause it harms my organs. This is a great & true reason or just an excuse? I completely have no idea. Somehow, I hate myself for sleeping so much. MAJORITY of my friends not only staying up late to study but they still able to wake up early in the next morning to continue their revision.

They are so pro! :’)

Waking up early in the morning – Another problem to me. I hardly wake up early during weekend, especially Sunday. This is the only one day I can wake up slightly later than another six days in a week. However, I will always dismiss the alarm I set and continue my beauty sleep.

Why are these two ‘missions’ so difficult for me to complete? In other words, they are damn challenging for me!

F I N E, I gotta continue my revision now.

Stay tuned! Have a pleasant Sunday 🙂


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