Piggy Tea(Personal)

Thoughts of LOVE



The last photo I took with both of them. My dearest grandma and beloved LG. I SHOULD TAKE ANOTHER PHOTO WITH YOU TWO! Grandma and I + LG and I. How careless I am. Both of them teach me what L O V E is. Grandma is the one bringing me up, only until June 2013, Law was officially became my man and accompanying me to finish my foundation studies. JiaYou, LG. I am here in India, waiting for you to come. I promise you I’ll be strong no matter what happen, but at the same time, please bear with my emotional moments. Please don’t give up on me. Don’t feel stress ’cause I do. I miss you every single moment. I believe you do miss me but you did not show it out, it is because you worry that I will miss you more after knowing it? Heheheee. Thank you for loving me, Thank you for teaching me, Thank you for worrying about my safety here, Thank you for chasing me away when I want to chat with you (although I felt sick when you did that. I always want to update with you).

Love is not only about taking care of each other, going through obstacles hand in hand but it’s also about learning together!

-Georgina Tai-


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