Piggy Tea(Personal)


Woke up

Hoping you will leave me at least a message

There’s a ‘1″ beside the INBOX

Thought it was yours

But I was wrong

Anything happening now?

Why are you being so cool these days?

All these situation making me feeling insecure

You hardly tell me your feelings nor your thoughts

So can you please share with me?

The more silent you keep, the more insecure I feel

Yeah, I have no any confidence in myself

I scare about anything bad will happen between us

Don’t really dare to ask you directly

Worrying it may stress you out

If you still have this habit of opening one bar to read my blog

You will notice this post and hence know what I am thinking now

Monday Blue~

so yeah

No one can be left alone. Should always face problem(s) together, if there’s any 🙂


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