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A Short Relief
A Short Relief

Monday 5p.m; Tuesday 4p.m; Wednesday 5p.m; Thursday 4p.m; Friday 5p.m; Saturday 10a.m

Waking up early everyday. Yes, EVERYDAY ! I must wake up early on Sunday to attend Sunday service. Whenever I feel tired @ lack of sleep, I wish to skip the service and sleep in my comfortable room. I need to recharge my energy! I had never been fully charged once I come to India. By the way, from the first Sunday until now, I still attending the Sunday Service without missing. I love the way they worship although I may fall asleep once in a while when pastor is preaching.

Waking up early to take an invigorating shower, prepare my own breakfast, pack my bag, get ready with the coats and tools, …

During the class, everyone should pay 100% attention, including me but I think I become the second Vincent – always sleep in the class. I ‘fish’ in the class but don’t sleep. The ways most of the lecturers giving lecture are dead boring except Dr. Raghu (one of the anatomy lecturers). He is funny and humor! He jokes around and makes the lecture class alive, although he will share some lame jokes :p

PRAY is really important. I experienced the power of prayer once again! I prayed to God before I start my day. I prayed for strength, healthy and the attention I need to pay during all the classes. Thank you, God for listening to my prayer. I really did it! I did not fall asleep the whole day. You may think that this may be a placebo effect, but for me, this is the way God proves that he is powerful and nothing can trouble him. AMEN!

DONE! The above paragraphs were written during my Anatomy class, excluding the previous paragraph. Yeah, I did it to keep myself awake. The lecturer went through the slides too fast, I couldn’t catch up with his speed and I had no sufficient time to take down the notes. Weehee~ Have a party-ful Friday, everyone!

P/S: No party for me, although it’s Friday.


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