Piggy Tea(Personal)

Days In India


#selfie #hashtags
#selfie #hashtags

A lot of things that I haven’t get use to it.

Food, Indian accent and maybe also the way some Indian adults / senior citizens behave. Met some local people which is really rude. In addiction, they are not as friendly as Malaysians. I smile (all most all the time when I am having eye contact with others, even it’s only for a moment) but local people hardly smile back at me. Giving others a warm smile is just like a kind of blessing (for me). So yeah, when people smiled back at me, I always feeling joyful.


Start feeling busy on the forth day of class. Everything is rushing! 24 hours are not enough for me to use! Especially when my friends talked about all the terms that I totally do not understand, I feel stressful. I really need to catch up with them.

Sorry tho. I need to end here. I sincerely hope to update soon.

Wishing you all will like the new theme of my blog!

Enjoy reading my previous post.

Stay tuned.


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