Piggy Tea(Personal)


Finally, I go to India to have my first Degree.

F I N A L L Y? I think I used it in a way that it should be. I did not expect much from this trip neither the whole course I am taking. God changes my plan, no, I mean our plan. Why couldn’t God give us less challenging tasks? Or He is actually giving us a test? Test of trust, tolerance, understanding and patience.

I already expected I would cry before entering the custom however I never thought that I would cry when I aboard! Before MH0104 took off from KLIA, I stared at the view outside the strongly closed oval window. “When can I see this again?” I thought. Oh, it should be more than six months time. In order to save more money to pay for my following tuition fee, I have to berjimat-cermat when I am buying stuff. My tears were flowing down my cheeks quietly and that was only at the beginning. After that, I was trying to gasp for more oxygen (I cried badly as if something very bad happen on me). Yes, I am imagining what would happen if you are here. Until this moment, I am STILL thinking of it. Whenever I see the new couple in our batch, I miss you even more, LG! My brain starts to imagine again. . .  No matter how busy I am in settling stuff, I miss you.

From KLIA to Manipal town is really a tiring trip, especially from Mangalore to Manipal town. The road is not only spoiled but also unorganized. Drivers in India love to honk, it seemed like they are communicating by honking. India is not a good place. From the moment I saw the landscape of India (lack to green plants) until now, it did not give me a great impression. I dislike India. The first thought I had when I arrived Bangalore was “I wish to go back (to Malaysia) right now.”

After the goyang in the campus bus on the noisy road, we reached a hotel to have a short briefing about tasks we need to complete tomorrow and a lil bit about orientation on coming Monday. The food served after the briefing was just fine, nothing special. I bought a SIM card gladly, innocently thought that I might use it right after I bought it & activate myself. WHO KNOWS, I need to wait until the next morning. I was so pek cek as I could not contact popo neither my man!

Haih! Need to wake up early later ‘cause we have to go to the building next to New international Ladies Hostel at 9am to hand in the given forms. It is time for me to sleep, I did not sleep for almost a day.

Friends to thanks for today:

Nicholas – lending his phone for me to send and replay my LG’s message.

Camel & Da Mao – never left me alone.

Vimmlesh – Asking me if I was fine (after I stopped crying), lending me some empty space in his carry luggage for me to put my belonging.

Xiao Mei, RuYuan & Xiao Mao + Kae Feng – Farewell gift! ❤ Thank you Xiao Mei for the love letter & stuff (the gift you gave is privatized. Hahahahaa. Don’t feel like letting others know). They were so touching and my tears just couldn’t be controlled. Thank you, RuYuan for the earrings & bracelet, that’s what I really lack of. Hahahaha! I am serious! xD XIAO MAO!!! Thank you and your mummy for the cakes she baked. Camel, Da Mao and I had the cake when we reached Bangalore airport while waiting for our flight to Mangalore. Three of us are waiting for another 2.5 years to enjoy this kind of perfect cakes! We’ll miss you. I miss you all. Including you, Kae Feng! I was surprised when I got an envelope from you in the airport! Kae Feng was giving us gift leh! THANK YOU, KAE FENG! Jia You in your physics & math! Hope to see you guys in October!

Thank you very much to all of you!!


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