Piggy Tea(Personal)

2014 Chinese New Year


This was the first Chinese New Year that I did not celebrate in my hometown. I truly sure that I had made an EXTREMELY wrong decision. I should go back to my OWN home. I was planning to hunt for few dresses, shoes and get myself a new hairstyle. Since it was a new year, I really hope to have a new hairstyle. It’s challenging to think of a new hairstyle but if I am going to a saloon that has professional hairdresser, he probably can give me some choices to choose.


This photo was taken when I was at the Penang 1st Bridge. I was too bored. I had nothing to do in the bus. Nothing special. No beautiful scene can be seen. Just… NATURE =)


Smile all you can. That’s what your enemy hate you to do. Best revenge ever-SMILE! After coming to uncle’s house, I was totally realized that I was going to stay in the house all day! The new born baby is too young and my aunt is still weak to go out to socialize. In Chinese tradition, the one whole month after a mother gave birth to her baby, she cannot go out from the house, diet has to be carefully cared. This is called 坐月 (zuo yue). In stead of giving birth naturally which the baby is born through cervix, my aunt gave birth through surgery. She needs to take care of her diet for four months! Pity her. There is long list of delicious dishes that she is  not allowed to enjoy. Almost every dishes she eats is cooked with ginger. Fried egg with ginger, Broccoli with ginger, Steam fish with ginger…  My uncle and I are having the same meal as her.

You will never understand my feelings. I can so called play with the fragile baby but no toughing is allowed. He is too young for me to play with. Since I cannot play with him, I decided to find myself a Singapore drama to watch throughout this holiday. “The Dream Makers” this was the second time I watch this drama. From the first day I came to Penang until the fourth day, I was completely stress out. Being emo the whole day & night, staying in the little home and facing my lappy only. In the early evening, HERO came! Hero brought me to Queensbay and shop! My goodness, finally, I can be myself! Nonstop chit chatting and laughing around. I never feel stress when I was with HERO but came to his daughter… it was a different story.  She was so quiet. It was one day before Chinese New Year, majority of the shops & stalls were closed. Oh yeah! One unique situation happen in Penang — shops are only open for half a day before teh first day of Chinese New Year. When we went to Queensbay, majority of the shop was closed but somehow I got to buy a dress. ONLY ONE DRESS. I wish to go to Queensbay again so that I can buy more dresses, at least a pair of shoes. If only my uncle allows me to drive his car… After shopping in Queensbay, HERO brought me to makan angin, we passed by Komtar, First Avenue, Gurney Plaza, Gurney Paragon, the Gurney street is beautiful to the MAX!!! Xiao Mei, I think we shall come here, not only shopping but also take pictures! I suggest you to bring one extra memory card. One memory card is not enough for us to keep our pictures. Come here at night. When the lights are turned on, soft music is played, you can smell the fragrance of romance is transferred by the air molecules. How much I wish I can walk on the street and take pictures!! We were rushing to seek for restaurant and filled our empty stomach with food, so we did not stop over there. What a waste. After having our dinner, HERO sent me back to my uncle’s house. I called it a day.

Shopping really makes me feel better.

11.30pm a night before the first day of 2014 Chinese New Year, fireworks are played by some of the citizens. My friends are playing them in their own hometown too. Sending the sound of fireworks exploding in the cooling air in our Whatsapp group chat. Sharing their photos with their beloved family members. All of the sudden, I miss my grandma very much. If I return to Sabah, I will definitely take a series of pictures with her and share them with my friends. Not only grandma, I am going to take picture with my mum, my three naughty cousins, my pretty sister, my strict granpa… WHAT A BULLSHIT DECISION I HAD MADE. Feeling extremely regret after coming here. No Chinese New Year feel at all. I am so sorry for sharing all the emo tweets in Twitter, my friends. Just forgive me. I am a good writer. Good writer is more emotional. Hehehehehe. You may think that it’s an excuse but that’s a theory of mine. Whether you agree or not, I do not care.

A memorable event does not mean that the event must be filled with joy and happiness. 2014 Chinese New Year was a memorable event for me because I counted down for it with an emo mood while others were happily celebrating it. No one can be blamed except myself.

No matter how bad it was, there will always be a touching part. Except my lover(my man), my grandma touched me a lot. The food and love letter in the photo below were all given by her. She worried that I have nothing to eat when I go back to Malacca so she brought me some. The content of love letter made my tears escaped from the Lacrimal gland.

” … The Biggest blessing for me is God loves you and He always be with you. May God continue protecting you. LOVE YOU. “


Loves from my grandma.


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